Robotics Consulting, Training and Speaking

New! Collabots Pepper Curriculum

Collabots Pepper Curriculum

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  1. Consulting
    Need advice on a new project? Want to dive into a new market? Collabots can advise and help guide a path to success.
  2. Training
    Let Collabots act as your classroom robotics integrator. Collabots has expertise on various robotics topics including: SoftBank Robotics' NAO and Pepper, Curriculum review, Animation Tutorials, Electronics, Python, Intro to Coding, Sphero, Piper Kit, Lego EV3, UR3, UR5, UR10
  3. Speaking
    Public speaking engagements to engage an audience and discuss front line issues that roboticists face today. Collabots aims to inspire the community to come together.
  4. Curriculum Development
    Practical curriculum that understands the challenges and constraints of the classroom is crucial to obtain tangible learning results. Collabots works on curriculum allowing advanced robotics platforms to be integrated in the classroom with minimal training.
  5. Solution Support
    Need help with an existing solution? Have a consistent problem? We provide the needed guidance and ad-hoc support to provide what your customers want while advancing your agenda.
  6. Practical Innovation/ R+D
    Ask about what skunkworks projects we are working on to make robotic experiences better overall.
Enabling the success of social robots through collaboration