Enabling the success of social robots through collaboration

 Collabots is founded on the idea of making social robots that help people a tangible reality. While many new startups focus on disruption, Collabots aims for equilibrium. Robotics will inevitably be part of our lives and we need to make sure it is for a gross societal benefit.  The founder, Russell Nickerson saw that robots can be used in many positive ways from Autism research to education of programming and electronics. There is a spark in people's eyes when they see robots because there is so much potential benefit. Collabots hopes to grow a lasting positive connection between society and robots starting with outreach and education. 

Collabots strives to enrich the global community with a focus on social robotics. Positioning to be a trusted advisor, Collabots is open to partnerships and alliances that will benefit humanity with robotics.

Contact Collabots at [email protected] for further information.