Collabots Pepper Curriculum
Collabots Pepper Curriculum
This curriculum is aimed at allowing a school to use the Softbank Robotics Pepper as part of its STEAM offering. This curriculum can be used as a one, two or three week long course. The goal is to have the students familiar and comfortable enough to make applications on Softbank Robotics Pepper that utilize most, if not all of its sensors and actuators.

The Collabots Pepper Curriculum focuses on the following STEAM concepts:

Science: Discussion of various sensors and components of Pepper will take place. Knowledge of these components involves physics, power, torque, electromagnetism and infrared light among other topics.

Technology: Robots are pinnacles of technology. Roboticists have to be multidisciplinary to create the optimal solution. Students may choose to use the latest online resources in conjunction with their final project challenge.

Engineering: Students will act as software engineers developing applications and interactions with Pepper. Software engineers have to code, test and debug the programs that make robots function. Software development as a team is a pillar to the operation of this curriculum.

Arts: Creativity is important in creating a robot that interacts with people in a positive way. Students will create choreographed dances and movements similar to stop motion animation.

Mathematics: At the heart of a lot of the calculations of sensors, path planning and varied flows are algorithms and math concepts. Recognizing patterns and fine tuning actuator movement are areas where mathematics particularly shines in relevancy.

Classroom Requirements
Modern computers with internet
The Softbank Robotics Choregraphe software (latest edition)
Softbank Robotics Pepper robot (with charger & ethernet cable included)
Projector to show slide presentations

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash